• Introductory meeting. (Can also by telephone)
  • Discuss broker conditions
  • Preparing a file (bundling necessary documents)
  • Photo shoot and placing them on the InmoRed site


  • Candidate – buyers receive a tour. If desired, key management can also be selected.
  • Overview of potential buyers and their experience of the property


  • Assisting sales process

After reviewing your sales project, we will advise you, free of charge, on the asking price (taxation) and what the sales opportunities are. The sales procedure means that you do not need to take any action yourself. After we have all the necessary documents concerning your house in our possession, we will handle everything for you. If the info is inconclusive or that some things are not up to date, we solve this so that any sale can be started immediately.

Sales Guidance
Once there is a buyer, we ensure that all formalities are fulfilled. The 10% deposit of the buyer is temporarily transferred to us. Hereafter, a date for the transfer is agreed upon between a notary, the buyer and yourself. By organizing everything well, the situation is comfortable for you.

Our conditions consist of a starting fee and a percentage of the selling price. Once you indicate your intention to work together, we make an agreement according to these terms and conditions.


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