As we approach the municipality of Finestrat, a row of hanging houses on the high gypsum rock surprises every visitor. And the surprises do not end here because this beautiful mountain town, located just 6 kilometres from Benidorm, also has a beach of fine sand and crystal clear water: Cala de Finestrat.  The old town of Finestrat is located just 5 kilometres from its beach and rises on a rocky massif characterized by its hanging houses and its peculiar streets of Moorish origin. A walk through the town invites us to visit the church of Sant Bertomeu, the Hermitage of Santo Cristo del Remedio or picturesque corners and gardens. The old town rises on the foundations of an old Arab castle where the viewpoint “El Castell” offers us magnificent views on the Mediterranean Sea. To know all these corners in a playful and didactic way, there has been made a route called “Discubre Finestrat” (Discover Finestrat) that can be visited following the instructions of the pamphlet of the same name and which also pose funny riddles as a ginkana for the whole family .


In Finestrat the cosmopolitan attraction of the Cala, a beach destination, familiarly and cosy, goes perfectly together with the silence of the nature of the high summits of the Puig Campana. With its 1,410 meters of height, its proximity to the coast and its peculiar forms, the mountain of Puig Campana represents one of the most emblematic points of the Costa Blanca. In this protected natural space we will also find the ideal place to enjoy nature in its purest state. Hikers, adventurers and climbers as well as those who simply like to contemplate this beautiful mountain, will find a reference point of the Levantine coast in the Puig Campana.


In Finestrat the location of the restaurants defines in a certain way the type of cuisine that is served. The establishments of the town are specialized in meats, typical dishes of the mountain and the garden, while the restaurants of La Cala earned their fame for delighting their customers with their typical cuisine of seafood. On the website eFinestrat, you have a complete list of Finestrats’ restaurants.


Finestrat smells like the sea, breathes the sea, loves the sea, feels its influence and is enlightened by the sea. La Cala de Finestrat, formed by a charming bay, is protected by a natural route from the noise of the big neighbouring cities and from the overcrowding, becoming a peaceful corner where you can enjoy transparent water and very fine sandy beaches. All the natural elements in Finestrat are in full harmony. Therefore, the Majestic Puig Campana serves as a barrier against the northern winds and facilitates the beach with a special microclimate that allows you to enjoy the bathing in its water throughout the
year. La Cala de Finestrat is a true reflection of the municipality. It breathes peace and tranquillity. All the activities you can imagine on a beach can be done in this quiet space. Cath some sun, cool off with a relaxing bath, walk, practice some sport or fish on its shore. One of the pleasures that the visitor can not miss is to see sunrise or -set from this privileged place on the coast. If you look at the sea, the picture you see is amazing. And, if you turn your eyes towards the mountain, you can feel the despondency of the colours, its contrasts and the strength that nature gives him. Without a doubt, an irresistible invitation. The advantage of having more than 300 days of sun per year makes it easy to practice all kinds of water and beach sports. In Cala de Finestrat you can see surfers with their boards looking for the best waves to enjoy the sea in its fullness, while many beach volleyball fans practice on the fine sand of this cove. In fact, Cala de Finestrat is home to the oldest 4 x 4 beach volleyball tournament in Spain that has been held every August the 15th for already 40 years, although it is not necessary to participate in major competitions to enjoy this natural space of great beauty. Young people and children play soccer daily and run along the shore. This is Cala de Finestrat, a natural treasure of all and for all.



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